Alternatives: 1
Alternative Type:

Min. Deviation Time(s): 0
Min. Deviation Distance(m): 0
Alternate routes with deviation constraints This sample shows the usage of alternative routes, alternative types and supporting points with minimum deviation time and distance constraints.

To find alternatives to the main route simply change the number of alternatives in the form to see them on the map.

For advanced alternative route calculation you can include supporting points along with min deviation time or distance constraints. When these constraints are used, the alternative routes will follow the reference route from the origin point for the given time or distance. In other words, the alternative routes just diverge from the referente route after the given constraints.

Keep in mind that in order for these constraints to work you need to include in the supporting points the start and ending points of the desired route. If you just provide supporting points for the first 500 meters of the route, the min deviation constraints will only work for that section.

Alternative type: By default the alternative type is 'Any route', which means that all the requested alternative routes will be returned. When 'Better route' is selected, the service will only return alternative routes that are better than the reference route.